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  • Serious Forex scammer warning!
    Sigmate informatics is run by bloody scammers from Surat,Gujarat,India.

    Please don’t fall for cheap price & unreal commitments of Hitesh Thakkar!
    These in-apt guys don’t even know how to code html,php,j scripts without coding bugs
    Will take advanced payments & deliver utter craps.The thing you bought from them ,might stop working

    smoothly & start showing errors, in very near future & these scammers wont give your money back! Most of

    their mt4-related plugins starts showing errors within a few months.Most web-designs they do for you, are

    pirated/cloned/stolen web elements from various copy-righted websites.Not all but most projects take twice

    the time & fail to meet dead-lines .
    DO NOT get into any project with them! specially if the project is high-budget/long-term/tech-heavy.
    Gosh! i wish i listened to the golden rule: “pay peanuts & get monkeys”